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The Contracting Branch operates under the umbrella of Salem Bin Hassan Al Ansari Companies since 1963. The Central Administration of the Contracting Branch is located in the Azghwa area. The Company has several projects in various regions of the State of Qatar. Good reputation within Qatar and the name has become a trademark.

The branch is considered to be one of the oldest companies in the field of construction of all kinds, especially in the field of building mosques. By providing the best service. Taking the challenges at work is our way of improving and advancing. The advancement in the technology used is our goal in the next phase of the upgrading and advancement of enterprises in Qatar. It was our passion and continues to provide this technological development to facilitate the services of our customers.

At Salem Bin Hassan Al Ansari (Contracting Branch) offer our services through many professionals, joined together in our company to take customer service to a better place.


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Area 71, Street 73, Building 36 - Al-Kharaitiyat. Doha

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P O Box : 7802

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